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Fossil Energy Services - Operations Geologists

Fossil Energy Services

Fossil Energy Services provides a strong and highly experienced team of Operations Geologists for leading Oil and Gas providers.

  • Wellsite Geologist Management
  • Liaise, mentor and train a Fossil Energy Services team of Wellsite Geologists to efficiently perform geological/geophysical activities associated with exploration / appraisal / development and drilling of various wells.
  • Manage and quality assuring exploration / appraisal / development programs on unconventional CSG and conventional wells.
  • Analyze Fossil Energy Services data interpretation, data management and database integrity.
  • Proactively advise on the exploration, evaluation, development of Company's assets.
  • Optimizing Well design
  • Assist to negotiate commercial contracts with third party providers (geological/geophysical) ensuring valid contracts are in place for all geological/geophysical services.
    This includes though is not restricted to EWL, DST, core evaluation and analysis services, seismic acquisition, wellsite geologists, geomechanical and petrophysical consultants.
  • Organise wireline logging programmes ensuring exploration; appraisal and development plans are satisfied.
  • Evaluate the suitability of new tool technology to unconventional CSG and conventional, and guide a plan towards implementation.
  • Undertake general geological quality control and support
  • Carry out objectives and directions provided by the Development decisions.
  • Fossil Energy Services generate weekly Hazard reporting for clients.
  • Coordinating and managing coring well programs